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"Play Is The Brain's Favourite Way Of Learning"

Children's brains develop at a rapid rate from 25% when they are born to a whopping 80% by the time they turn 3 and 90%, that is nearly fully grown, by age 5! 

Play stimulates children's learning abilities by fostering creativity, which builds critical thinking, sparks intellectual curiosity and facilitates learning by doing.

All Teddö Play Learning sets are themed and carefully thought-out with a strong focus on learning through play, making children better and confident communicators and contributing significantly to their overall intellectual development.

Each set of learning cards has a much deeper learning and conversational element to them to help you to make the most of these early years in providing children with the best possible experiences rich in play and learning to help lay a robust foundation for their future while also nurturing a lifelong love for knowledge in them.

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Birthdays, Special Occasions, Easter, Christmas, whatever the occasion, Teddo Play® Gift Cards will make for a valuable gift for any child adding tons to their knowledge and development.