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The Ultimate Combination of Fun & Learning For All

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"Play Is The Brain's Favourite Way Of Learning"

Children's brains develop at a rapid rate from 25% when they are born to a whopping 80% by the time they turn 3 and 90%, that is nearly fully grown, by age 5! 

Play stimulates children's learning abilities by fostering creativity, which builds critical thinking, sparks intellectual curiosity and facilitates learning by doing.

All Teddö Play Learning sets are themed and carefully thought-out with a strong focus on learning through play, making children better and confident communicators and contributing significantly to their overall intellectual development.

Each set of learning cards has a much deeper learning and conversational element to them to help you to make the most of these early years in providing children with the best possible experiences rich in play and learning and lay a robust foundation for their future whilst also nurturing a lifelong love for knowledge in them.

Multi-award-winning Play-based Educational & Learning Resources

Loved by Teachers, Headteachers, Subject Heads, Educational Consultants, Speech & Language Therapists, Play Specialists, Parents & Families

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We understand that good educational resources can sometimes come at an extra cost. We therefore offer a choice of different payment plans. You can split the cost of any purchase into bi-weekly or monthly manageable amounts. It doesn't cost you any extra and you can rest assured that the items you need won't sell out & you'll receive them straight away!

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Gift cards for kids Christmas gift ideas for kids

Looking for the perfect gift to buy for kids?

Birthdays, Special Occasions, Easter, Christmas, whatever the occasion, Teddo Play® Gift Cards will make for a valuable gift for any child adding tons to their knowledge and development.


"Hey Keisha, it's just arrived! I can't Thank you enough! I've been struggling for more home schooling ideas and keep Sienna interested so these are perfect! We're gonna get the picnic blanket out this aft and get in the sun and work with these cards! They're amazing I can't Thank you enough!"

Lucy-Jo Hudson Award-winning British Actress

"I have 6 Teddo boxes and absolutely love them. They are fantastic quality & you can tell that a lot of time & effort has gone into making these fun and informative for kids. My little boy absolutely loves birds, animals and insects so these boxes helps him learn whilst playing. They really support his learning style, I am also leaning lots!"

Nicola B. Mummy of 2

"We love our learning cards from Teddo Play! My 2 year old has great fun recognising and pronouncing the animals in our set. They have quickly become a big part of our learning resources and my little one has already learnt quite a few more animals! We look forward to purchasing many more sets to add to our collection!"

Crystal N, Early Years Homeeducator

"Absolutely beautiful products & fantastic, friendly service. We ordered 2 boxes to start with and they are such high quality. The cards are really sturdy & I love the magnetic close box. The photos are stunning & the information is really well thought out. The personal handwritten message was a beautiful addition." 

Holly Ring, Business Owner and Mum

"Our Teddo play cards have become a huge part of how we play and learn. My 3.5yo loves matching them & learning new facts from the cards. They are versatile, sturdy and best of all they wipe clean so it doesn't matter when sticky hands get hold of them. For me, I love that they use quality photographs rather than cartoon images!"

Amy Phillips, Teaching Assistant

"The Birds & Insects cards were fantastically received by my son. My 3yo and 11yo have been sitting down together & using them to learn together. It's amazing to watch my older child sit with his brother and discuss the facts found on the cards & has become quite a lovely educationally bonding time for them both."

Leeanne L, Ex-Teacher, Homeeducator

"The kids really enjoyed it. The facts on each card are so interesting. We played a couple of games, one was how many birds and insects they could find. The next game was me sharing facts to see who could guess what type of bird or insect I was describing. Thank you for a fab new way of learning!"

Xristina G. Mum of 12, 7, 5yo

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