Intelligent Multi-Purpose Educational Play-Based Learning Cards for Children from Early Years Foundation Stage through to Adolescence

Babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, school-going, young people - we offer many varieties of play and learn cards to suit children of all ages and passions

Clear and crisp high-definition real-life imagery in natural surroundings accompanied by easily absorbable pieces of information to encourage conversation and make grasping and retaining of information easier.

Sturdy, high-quality, early learning cards that promote knowledge and deeper understanding of various concepts and subjects to help boost children’s IQ levels, build a robust visual memory and instil a natural enthusiasm for a life-long interest in learning.



Pick your theme

A variety of themes to choose from with more exciting themes added regularly.


Build your order...


Mix-n-match multiple themes for a powerful collection of effective learning resources that also make for intelligent games and more productive pastimes.



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Birds of Prey, Wild Animals, Farm Animals & Insects

(Spelling Edition)

Set of 40 cards with detailed real-life HD images on the front and names and spelling formation on the back.

Parent & Young Ones

An adorable collection of 40 cards with images and information about various animals, birds, insects with their young ones in their natural surroundings.

What Is The Word For That Sound?

Clear your throats and get making the funniest noises possible as you and your child have an amazing time learning about the sounds and noises that 40 different creatures make!

Names of Groups

(Collective Nouns)

Set of 40 cards teaching children to use the appropriate terms for various groups. Real-life images of groups of animals, birds, insects, sea creatures, etc. on the front of each card accompanied by its appropriate term on the back.

Where Our Food Grows?

A very informative set of 40 fruit and vegetables in their natural surrounding depending on where they grow - on a tree, on a vine on the ground, on a tall shrub, on a bush, on a plant and so on. The back of the card tells you what you see in the image on the front, where it grows and also some of the lesser-known facts about it.

More Than Just Shapes!

Learn shapes like never before! With thirty-four 2D and 3D shapes in your box, you’ll always have more than the usual circle, square, triangle, rectangle to talk about.

Beautiful Birds and Insects

(Facts Edition)

A fascinating collection of 40 beautiful birds & insects around us. Detailed real-life images of birds and insects in their natural surroundings on the front and astonishing facts about these on the back.

Countries, Cities, Flags, Borders & More

A gigantic collection of over 400 cards covering all 199 countries of the world from all continents on our planet. Identify and match country flags with country maps and learn useful information for each country. From sorting and matching games to quizzes to family games, to taking a deep dive into learning about flags, continents, capital cities, languages & more - learning geography will be more fun than ever!


Upcoming Themes

We have several new themes lined up - from discovering our skeletal systems in detail featuring the major bones in our bodies to getting completely mesmerised by our human anatomy!

"I have absolutely loved using these cards with my girls. They are 5 and 3 and both have really enjoyed learning about the shapes. The quality is brilliant and comes in a really handy box so all the cards can be kept safe. I know these cards are going to be a fantastic learning aid and we will definitely be using them regularly, the book that is included is really handy. I definitely recommend this and will be purchasing more in the future"

- Cherish Reardon

Don't just take our word for it...

"We love Teddo Play! Niamh loves the vibrant images and seeing the letters on the reverse is really helping her. Although she is three and hasnt started phonics its good for me to show her how the letters are formed and how they link up. Niamh loves that there are unusual animals too and not just the general ones you find in most sets."

- Katy Holden

"Keisha's learning cards are absolutely amazing, in all my years as a photographer I've never come across anything quite like it. They combine both learning and fun in a unique way that results in something very special. I've never seen real photographs used on cards before, I personally believe this is so important, it helps children to learn not only names for animals, food etc but also allows them to see what these things look like in the real world, not a strange looking cartoon in sight!"

- Roxanne Bergman

Knowledge has a beginning but no end…
Let the beginning be with us! 
Specially designed multi-purpose play and learn cards for a playful yet immersive learning experience


Suitable for children of all ages


From as young as infants & toddlers to pre-schoolers all the way to pre-teens and beyond! Our cards are packed with such useful information that even adults are sure to learn something new with us :)

No distraction - Not your ordinary flashcards

The front of the cards has no other distraction, just purely the image to give the child the time and focus to observe all the beautiful natural details and stimulate various parts of his/her brain while being truly amazed by the sheer detailing in the picture.

High-definition printing on each of our cards ensures all images are sharp, crisp and clear for maximum focus and attention.

Can be used on magnetic whiteboards

at home and in school

Super strong peel and stick adhesive magnets to stick the cards quickly and firmly onto whiteboards or any magnetic surface.


Use magnets on both sides and you don’t even need a magnetic board!

Real-life imagery in natural surroundings

No more funny coloured misleading cartoons that poorly affect the child’s visual memory.

Research says that as much as 80% percent of all learning takes place through the eye with visual memory existing as a crucial aspect of learning.

Fuel your child’s curiosity to learn more about the main object and also its surroundings through real-life images which help build a robust long-term visual memory, help them recognise things in the real world and is also a real conversation builder!

Free How-To Guide

There’s so much to learn in every single card.

Our how-to guide is a valuable reference point and is packed with intelligent play-and-learn ideas and suggestions of games you can play using your Teddö Play® Learning Cards in a variety of settings - home, school, classroom, cars, trains, picnics, travel, holiday, flights - helping replace screen time with fun-packed learning.

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- Dr Theodor Seuss

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