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A family-run business that loves helping children to become naturally enthusiastic about learning and also to gain a life-long interest in acquiring knowledge for their all-round development through our play-based learning methods.




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We’re both very passionate about all things learning and education in a playful environment that gives children the time and space to absorb new information all while having a great time, making them naturally wanting to learn.


At Teddö Play®, you will find many varieties of high-quality and ultra-thick learning cards which include detailed high-definition real-life imagery in natural surroundings accompanied by easily absorbable pieces of information that help encourage conversations and make grasping and retaining of information easier in children.


Our range of Play and Learn Cards are suitable for children of all ages - from as young as infants & toddlers to pre-schoolers all the way to young teens and adolescents! We have packed our learning cards with such useful information that even adults are sure to learn something new with us :) Also, with our cards doubling as educational playing cards, we hope to make family game-time even more exciting!


Teddö Play® learning cards help strengthen observational skills in children, make them better and confident communicators and more broadly, contribute to their overall intellectual development.


As a super energetic Mum and Teacher who loves to make learning a whole lot more interactive & enjoyable, I have thoroughly enjoyed designing and making these cards. We hope you will enjoy your new Teddö Play® Learning Cards and make the most of each one of them.


From concept to design to manufacturing to packaging and labelling, we’re entirely and proudly made in the UK  :)

Hello, we’re Keisha & Amit, the husband & wife team behind Teddö Play® where we create a wide range of multi-purpose Play-Based Educational Learning Cards for Children that promote knowledge and deeper understanding of various concepts and subjects to help boost children’s IQ levels, build a robust visual memory and instil a natural enthusiasm for a life-long interest in learning in them.

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We even have some celebrity fans such as Lucy-Jo Hudson and Anna Williamson.

We are truly grateful to all of you who support us, purchase from us, your recommendations, reviews on Trust Pilot, Google and Facebook, your likes, shares and follows.


Your purchases not only support our dream of making a huge positive impact on children's intellectual growth and development but also help us to contribute local language books to the libraries of

Room to Read®, a children's education charity, who are on a mission to a create a world free from illiteracy and gender inequality.

Thank you for being a part of our journey!

Keisha & Amit x

Time spent playing with children is never wasted for they are one of the greatest lessons in happiness.

They are constantly challenging us to enjoy the moment, as the next one will never be the same. - Teddö Play®

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The names Teddö® and Teddö Play® as well as the bear and duck characters are Registered Trademarks of Teddö® Limited.

Email: connect@teddo-play.com | Location: England, United Kingdom