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Birds of Prey, Wild Animals, Insects and Farm Animals (Letter-Linking Spelling Edition) Set of 40

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This stunning set of 40 ultra-thick sturdy learning cards features a range of beautiful real-life images in high definition of a variety of Birds of Prey, Farm Animals, Insects and Wild Animals on the front and contains names and spelling formation on the back. 

Suitable to be used from 2 years old, or sooner under adult supervision, right until the child is of primary school age. 

Children learn to:

  • confidently recognise animals, birds, insects through their real-life images in their natural environment  
  • hone great observational skills by focusing on all the beautiful and vivid details, this set is perfect for boosting the development of the child’s visual memory and instiling a habit of being attentive to details
  • differentiate between birds and insects and other animals
  • categorise & sort them in different stacks
  • learn spellings
  • express and discuss what they see on the image using lots of new words and full sentences with confidence

The back of the learning card contains the name of the object in the front and also teaches how to form its spelling by linking letters.

We have taken great care in designing each of our themes to help you achieve a variety of games, activities & lessons, making every set truly versatile and long-lasting. 

Have more than one Teddo Play Learning Sets? Amazing! You can play all sorts of conversational as well as motor skills development games combining the various sets.

Lay a variety of cards (image side up) on the floor and ask younger children to sort them by category and characteristics, for example – birds, animals, reptiles, amphibians, insects and so on. 

Meanwhile the older child/sibling/friend can read information at the back, expand their vocabulary, discuss about habitats, food habits, appearances, traits and characteristics.

Lots more creative play ideas included in the play guide in your box to help you adapt your games and activities and utilise the same set with children of different ages and learning abilities.

At a glance:

  • 40 carefully selected real-life images of various Birds of Prey, Wild Animals, Insects & Farm Animals in their natural surroundings
  • Spend quality 1-on-1 time with your child encouraging them to carefully observe the clear crisp images of the main creature all while absorbing all the beautiful details of their natural surroundings in the background
  • Children learn to confidently recognise, sort, categorise animals, birds, insects through their real-life images
  • Encourages conversations and helps support speech & language development, building confidence and self-esteem
  • Helps children with spelling formation and learning new words, expanding their vocabulary through regular use
  • Distraction-free front to inspire visual thinking and to allow for longer attention spans
  • Cleverly formatted text on the reverse provides a strong foundation for reading and writing


Additional Information

Designed & Made in the UK | UKCA/CE Tested

We have tried our very best to support our UK economy in our own small capacity and have remained entirely & proudly Made in the UK from day 1.

UKCA/CE safety tested.

What's included in my order?

FREE Magnetic-close Gift / Storage Box

Your set of Teddo Play Learning Cards comes hand-packed in a premium sturdy magnetic shut-close box, making it very much giftable as is.

FREE Play Ideas Guide

Every order also receives a free physical play guide which is a wire-bound booklet full of creative play ideas and suggestions to help you make the most of your Teddo Play Learning Sets.

Adhesive Magnets

If you have ordered adhesive magnets to use the learning cards on magnetic surfaces such as magnetic whiteboards, blackboards or even on your fridge, a set of 40 adhesive magnets will be included in your package. Please note children should not be left unsupervised with magnets. These are learning aids and not toys. 


If you have added the gift-wrapping option to your order, your items will be sent gift-wrapped without any price receipts. Find out more here.

Giving Back

We support the international Children's Education Charity, Room to Read in their education and gender equality programs. For every Teddo Play Learning Set we sell, we get a local language book produced for a Room to Read library for children from low-income communities across 20 nations. Find out more here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Ashleigh Marchal

I stumbled across teddo on clear pay and was a little sceptical at first as you are, but I ordered just a flash card bundle to start with and was extremely happy with what we received! Being a homeschooling family these are very very handy! There’s a lot of love and care into the products especially with how there made and also how there put togeather so that they can all be used as one! Extremely happy with my order and 100% worth the price, and will be ordering a lot more! Very very happy!

Classic collection.

Okay so this was our third set and I can officially say I'm Teddo's number 1 fan and that I have a growing addiction.
These sets are just wonderfully put together and so well thought out.
We use our sets so regularly that I can't imagine not having them now, they have become almost central to so many topics I discuss and look at with our children.
If you don't own any yet, I can only say that these will open up a whole world of effortless education for you and your children.
My number 1 recommendation to anyone with a hunger to learn. 5*

Simply Brilliant

One of the first packs I bought my little girl who’d not long turned one. Fantastic way to introduce children to a range of animals and insects with crystal clear real life images. We have used these cards in a variety of ways - sometimes as singular card or as groups. So many play and learning possibilities- completely open ended! Looking forward to developing her play & learning set ups as she gets older - definitely 5 stars!

Heather Don, Grandmum, Works with SEND
Amazing educational game

This is an amazing educational game.Very well thought out and extremely well made.Lots of different ways to play learn from it and a lot of fun to be had.

Dear Heather, that's so kind, thank you very much. I am so pleased to hear you loved your new learning set :)

Crystal Naude
We love them!

We love our learning cards from Teddo Play! My 2 year old has great fun recognising and pronouncing the animals in our set. They have quickly become a big part of our learning resources and my little one has already learnt quite a few more animals! We look forward to purchasing many more sets to add to our collection!

Dear Crystal, thank you so much for your kind words! We're so glad your little one is enjoying playing and learning with their set :) Many thanks again for taking the time to leave us a review. Best wishes, Keisha