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Dinos - From Flesh To Bones! (Collector's Edition)

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RAAAR!! This giant set is part of our Special Collector's Edition, and contains over 20 jaw-dropping dinosaurs in flesh with their corresponding skeletons.

Each Dino learning card is double-sided and contains a large detailed illustration of the popular and not-so-popular dinos on the front. 

The reverse of the robust learning cards teaches children :

  • how to spell as well as pronounce the names of their favourite dinos,
  • a short and easy-to-remember description,
  • a skeleton version of the dino in front, and
  • a host of interesting facts around their diet, which era they lived in, how sharp their teeth were, whether they moved on 2 or 4 legs or if they were able to fly!

We don’t like to give away the name with the photo in order to encourage children to have a go at guessing and recalling the respective names and spellings, helping them build good memory recall.

  • Spend time observing the detailed illustration and talking about what you see.
  • Encourage children to use different words and terms to describe how fearsome or friendly the dinosaur appears, whether it is big or small, feathered or not, and so on.
  • Discuss about its diet, how it moved, when it lived.
  • Find out other dinos from your set which were from the same era.
  • Separate herbivores from carnivores, find out if any were omnivore?
  • Play dino quiz with siblings, friends, parents or families asking questions from the information on the back of your learning cards.
  • Challenge yourself and others to pronounce the complex dino names correctly! :-)


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Designed & Made in the UK

We are very proud to say that all of our products including every single element from the making of the product itself down to the packaging boxes, play guides, stickers, labels, mailers – from start to finish – we're entirely & proudly Made in the UK. 

What's included in my order?

FREE Magnetic-close Gift / Storage Boxes

Your set of Teddö Play® Learning Cards comes handpacked in a fun and very sturdy magnetic shut-close box.

FREE How-To Guide

Every order also receives a free physical play guide which is a wire-bound booklet full of ideas and suggestions helping you make the most of your Teddö Play® Learning Sets.

Adhesive Magnets

If you have ordered adhesive magnets to use the cards on magnetic surfaces like magnetic whiteboards or even your fridge, a set of 40 adhesive magnets will be included in your package. Please note children should not be left unsupervised with magnets. These are learning aids and not toys.


If you have added the gift-wrapping option to your order, your items will be sent gift-wrapped without any price receipts.

Giving Back

For every Teddö Play® Learning Set you purchase, another local language book is printed for a Room to Read® library. Room to Read® seeks to transform the lives of millions of children in low-income communities by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education.

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