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Where Our Food Grows? (Lesser-known Facts Edition) Set of 40 Learning Cards

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This very informative set of 40 fruit and vegetables on trees, bushes, plants, vines (you name it!) is a fantastic resource to introduce your child to how and where the food we eat grows.

The front of these sturdy unbendable learning cards has the food in its natural state and surroundings depending on where it grows – on a tree, on a vine on the ground, on a tall shrub, on a bush, on a plant and so on.

The back of the card tells you what you see in the image on the front, where it grows and also some interesting lesser-known facts about it.

Learn to sort vegetables and fruit in different stacks (you’ll be amazed at how many items end up in the fruit pile which you would have sworn was a vegetable!)

Use the cards to play matching games with real fruit and veg from your grocery shopping!

All our Teddö Play® Learning Cards double as educational playing cardsUse the cards to play with friends and family. See how many people get the answers right and how amazed everyone gets when you read out loud some of the mind-blowing facts about various fruit and vegetables! 


  • Introduce children to how and where the food we eat grows through our very informative set of 40 different fruit and vegetables in their natural state of growth and surroundings
  • Learn to identify, match, sort and categorise different fruit and vegetables
  • Learn all about where our food grows - on trees, bushes, plants, on vines, on tall shrubs, beneath the ground or on vines on the ground!
  • Achieve tons of activities and lessons from every set be it at home, at school or when out and about
  • Helps promote reading and instil a natural enthusiasm for learning in children
  • Explore interesting lesser-known facts about various fruit and vegetables from the back of the card and encourage healthy eating habits

Additional Information

Designed & Made in the UK

We are very proud to say that all of our products including every single element from the making of the product itself down to the packaging boxes, play guides, stickers, labels – from start to finish – we're entirely & proudly Made in the UK. 

What's included in my order?

FREE Magnetic-close Gift / Storage Box

Your set of Teddo Play Learning Cards comes hand-packed in a premium sturdy magnetic shut-close box, making it very much giftable as is.

FREE How-To Guide

Every order also receives a free physical play guide which is a wire-bound booklet full of creative play ideas and suggestions to help you make the most of your Teddo Play Learning Sets.

Adhesive Magnets

If you have ordered adhesive magnets to use the learning cards on magnetic surfaces such as magnetic whiteboards, blackboards or even on your fridge, a set of 40 adhesive magnets will be included in your package. Please note children should not be left unsupervised with magnets. These are learning aids and not toys. 


If you have added the gift-wrapping option to your order, your items will be sent gift-wrapped without any price receipts. Find out more here.

Giving Back

We support the international Children's Education Charity, Room to Read in their education and gender equality programs. For every Teddo Play Learning Set we sell, we get a local language book produced for a Room to Read library for children from low-income communities across 20 nations. Find out more here.

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Amazing cards
Dear Becki, this is so kind of you, thank you so much for such a generous review. I am so very happy that you love using the sets with your kids and the kids are enjoying using them in their play and activities too. Totally made my day reading this, thank you very much :) Best wishes, Keisha
A fantastic play and learning resource
Gorgeous set.