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Human Anatomy & Human Skeletal System Portable Poster Boards (Large: 30x30cm)

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Human Anatomy & Human Skeletal System

Introducing our brand new range of Educational Poster Boards. These aren't your usual paper posters that could tear and require framing, but rather professional art boards that can go straight on to the walls, stand tall on a table or could well be carried out and about on some outdoor adventures!

Affix some simple double-sided tape or velcro dots and it's ready to adorn the walls in your home, in children's rooms, play rooms or even in your schools & nurseries.

All our poster boards are light for children to handle but sturdy and also waterproof for kids to enjoy them both indoors & outdoors.

Children will learn to accurately recognise and recall names of our organs, body parts and bones through these beautiful realistic illustrations. High contrast choice of colours to make learning fun whilst encouraging focus and longer attention spans in them.

Generously large at 30cm x 30cm. Aesthetically pleasing to complement any interiors, making children's spaces beautiful and exciting.

Just like all our products, these are also entirely & proudly made in the UK.

Teddö Play - Nurturing Curious Minds to Become Happy Geniuses of Tomorrow!

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Educational and fun

We recently bought this human body poster. My daughter is 5 and is fascinated by how the body works, the names of the organs and bones etc. I will give her this at Christmas and I really think she will love it. It's so bright and engaging. It's also very sturdy too.