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Beautiful Birds and Insects (Lesser-Known Facts Edition) Set of 40

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A fascinating collection of 40 beautiful birds & insects around us. No misleading cartoons in sight! Real-life HD images to support children in their cognitive development helping build a robust visual memory through accurate representation & information.

Carefully curated astonishing facts on the reverse for enhanced grasping & retention of knowledge & information in children all whilst keeping their curious minds engaged and instiling a natural love of reading & learning in them.

Very versatile - it can be used seamlessly alongside children of different ages, needs and abilities. It's a perfect set to take along for walks, picnics, train rides, car journeys, forest walks, or just when out and about!

Cleverly formatted and designed, this set is suitable for children right from when they are babies and toddlers all the way until they grow up into young boys and girls when they are able to independently read and discover information and intriguing facts about a number of birds and insects.

Distraction-free front to give children the time & space to absorb all the beautiful natural details, stimulating various parts of their brains and enabling them to make conversations confidently. Ideal for spending quality 1-on-1 time with younger children, encouraging recognition, identification activities. Great alternative to bedtime reading as well as for some simple quiet play time.

With all our learning cards doubling as educational playing cards, game time with family and friends is made even more exciting with lots of learning happening along the way!

At a glance:
  • A fascinating collection of 40 beautiful Birds & Insects around us. Children will expand their knowledge & vocabulary learning lesser-known interesting facts about a number of common and uncommon birds & insects

  • Robust ultra-sturdy learning cards, perfect for small & big hands

  • Real-life high-definition images on the front without any text distraction. Real-life images in natural surroundings will give the child plenty to observe and talk about - helps achieve better concentration, build an extensive vocabulary & a robust visual memory

  • Children learn to recognise various birds & insects by their specific characteristics, then sort them in separate stacks - helps boost motor skills development & hand-eye coordination

  • Achieve tons of learning through play. Play with the entire family – ask around to identify the bird/insect then share an interesting fact about it by reading it out loud 

  • Works great as an alternative to bedtime reading - allow children to pick a couple of cards of their choice from the box and read together about their favourite birds and insects, discovering fascinating information about each one of them


Additional Information

Designed & Made in the UK | UKCA/CE Tested

We have tried our very best to support our UK economy in our own small capacity and have remained entirely & proudly Made in the UK from day 1.

UKCA/CE safety tested.

What's included in my order?

FREE Magnetic-close Gift / Storage Box

Your set of Teddo Play Learning Cards comes hand-packed in a premium sturdy magnetic shut-close box, making it very much giftable as is.

FREE Play Ideas Guide

Every order also receives a free physical play guide which is a wire-bound booklet full of creative play ideas and suggestions to help you make the most of your Teddo Play Learning Sets.

Adhesive Magnets

If you have ordered adhesive magnets to use the learning cards on magnetic surfaces such as magnetic whiteboards, blackboards or even on your fridge, a set of 40 adhesive magnets will be included in your package. Please note children should not be left unsupervised with magnets. These are learning aids and not toys. 


If you have added the gift-wrapping option to your order, your items will be sent gift-wrapped without any price receipts. Find out more here.

Giving Back

We support the international Children's Education Charity, Room to Read in their education and gender equality programs. For every Teddo Play Learning Set we sell, we get a local language book produced for a Room to Read library for children from low-income communities across 20 nations. Find out more here.

Customer Reviews

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Steph Melv
What a fab educational resource!

I ordered a set of Birds and Insects Facts for my children and I'm so impressed with them. The photographs on each flashcard are stunning and the facts on the back of each card are really interesting.
I love that a really broad variety of birds and insects have been included- not just every day ones that children will have come across already. We have already used them in so many different ways- guess who type games, categorising them... the cards even inspired a recent art project. I'm sure we will be investing in more sets in the future!

What a great product!

When researching whether I could use cards from Teddo Play alongside my own products I was fortunate enough to be sent some samples to try out. When our cards arrived the first thing I thought was WOW! They completely exceeded my expectations. They are great quality, the images are beautiful and so aesthetically pleasing to look at. The texture of the cards is lovely and tactile and I love that they are tough enough that my youngest can rummage through them and I know they won't be damaged or torn. They also look like they'll clean easily as they have a nice shiny finish (which is handy as you know kids always seem to have sticky fingers from something!). I highly recommend these learning cards and I would definitely buy from Teddo Play.

Karean carr
Blown away

I was very lucky to win this amazing pack of beautiful birds and insect facts on an Instagram Competition . I will totally recommend the sets as the pictures are so good and the facts are so interesting they complement each other well . The images are perfect for little hands. I am thrilled I won the competition and I am looking to buy a couple of sets for my setting.

Absolutely beautiful

i ordered these for my childminding business and have been so pleased that i did, they are beautifully made and very educational and informative. I will definitely be back to order more sets

So much value in these cards

Although the facts on the back are a little advanced for my 16 month old girl I find the cards still hold so much value for her. I’m always reading out the facts to her as she holds and looks at the card often coupled with other relevant resources. These are cards that cover such a large age range and they’re made from such durable material that they will last with very little trace of wear. Looking forward to utilising the facts side more as she gets older - fantastic product!