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Multi-Pack Bundles + Free Sets of 40 Adhesive Magnets

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Save £££ with our Multi-Pack Bundles!

Combine two or more learning sets and have a variety of learning themes to explore and play with your children. It is not only cost-effective but also allows you to have multiple lessons and topics always at your disposal to cover with the kids.

That's not all, for every Multi-Pack Bundle you purchase, you will also receive a set of 40x peel-&-stick adhesive magnets for FREE!

Use one set at a time or all of them across children of different ages, the handy physical play guide (included for free) will give you detailed ideas and suggestions of a variety of play-and-learn games and activities you can achieve per theme. You'll never be left short of inspiration :)

All Learning Sets will come individually packed in their respective magnetic-close storage boxes to help you keep all your learning cards neatly organised.

Below are some of the themes you can choose from to start building your Multi-Pack Bundle and save. The more Learning Sets you add to your bundle the bigger the savings.

For example:

  • Multi-Pack Bundle of 2: £55 + Free Sets of 40x Adhesive Magnets (RRP £70, savings of £15)
  • Multi-Pack Bundle of 4: £110 + Free Sets of 40x Adhesive Magnets each (RRP £140, savings of £30)
  • Multi-Pack Bundle of 6: £165 + Free Sets of 40x Adhesive Magnets each (RRP £210, savings of £45)
  • Multi-Pack Bundle of 9: £250 + Free Sets of 40x Adhesive Magnets each (RRP £315, savings of £65)
  • Multi-Pack Bundle of 11: £300 Free Sets of 40x Adhesive Magnets each (RRP £385, savings of £80)
  • Multi-Pack Bundle of all 13: £350 Free Sets of 40x Adhesive Magnets each (RRP £455, savings of £105!)


  1. Birds of Prey, Wild Animals, Insects & Farm Animals [Spelling Edition] - Set of 40 learning cards
  2. Names of Groups (Collective Nouns) - Set of 40 Learning Cards
  3. Animal Sounds & Bird Calls - Set of 40 Learning Cards
  4. More Than Just Shapes! - Set of 34 2D &3D Shapes Learning Cards
  5. Where our Food Grows? [Lesser-known Facts Edition] - Set of 40 Learning Cards
  6. Animals & their Young - Set of 40 Learning Cards
  7. Beautiful Birds & Insects [Lesser-known Facts Edition] - Set of 40 Learning Cards
  8. Countries, Cities, Flags, Borders & More [Popular Countries Set] - Set of 40+ Learning Cards
  9. Our Bodies - Inside & Out (Human Organs, Body Parts, Skeletal System)
  10. Space In A Box [Lesser-known Facts Edition] - Set of 40 Learning Cards
  11. Maths - Possibilities Aplenty! - Numeracy Set of 42 Learning Cards
  12. Dinos - From Flesh to Bones (Collector's Edition)
  13. Tickle My Brain - I Can Do It! (Logic & Brain Workout)


Please use the 'Notes' section in the Cart to let us know which of the learning sets you'd like from the above in your Multi-Pack Bundle.


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Quality Product.

Love the fact that we're supporting a quality product designed and made in the UK. The cards are sturdy and well presented in a box with a magnetic lid. I also like that they use real images which gives children a true likeness instead of cartoons. It's bright and colourful format makes the cards engaging for children and adults of any age. Also the educational facts are good for any stage of learning. When we first saw this product we realised the multiple benefits of use for the whole family. The customer service was really good and friendly.

Mum of a mischief maker

Such high quality! Great learning resources for inquisitive children.

Great set of educational tools!

Lovely packages for gifts or child - nice pack of educational tools. Try the mixed pack to get an idea if first time buying. Great customer service as well - independent women run biz

Riham Azmy
Best Educational Cards and Customer Service

We have got the bundle of two packs; Our Bodies for my older son (7 years) and The sound of different animals, insects and birds for my little daughter (2.5 years).
And I can't describe how happy and excited they were when they started exploring the packs.
The cards are excellent quality, I am sure they will be used for years to come.
Both of the packs are so informative, I have to admit that I am going to learn more about the body parts and some of the animal sounds which I haven't heard about them before.
As for the customer service, this is one of the best experiences I ever have, the owner is a gorgeous lady, so helpful. I wasn't sure which pack should I start with for my daughter, and she was so kind to give me the advice and explain why I need to start with this one.
I am looking forward to start building our collection for both kids.
I highly recommend to have one of these packs, and I am sure you will love it.

Crystal Naude
Love them!

We chose the 'more than just shapes' & 'parent and young ones' sets, my 2 year old absolutely loves them and has learnt so much already!