Taster Packs

Love all our themed learning cards sets so much that you cannot decide which one to go for? :) 

Why not try our Mixed Themes Taster Packs? We will send you a variety of learning cards from our current range of themed learning sets as below:

  1. Birds of Prey, Wild Animals, Insects & Farm Animals [Spelling Edition]
  2. Names of Groups of Animals, Birds, Insects & More
  3. What is the Word for that Sound? 
  4. More Than Just Shapes! 
  5. Where our Food Grows? [Lesser-known Facts Edition] 
  6. Parent and Young Ones 
  7. Beautiful Birds & Insects [Lesser-known Facts Edition] 
  8. Countries, Cities, Flags, Borders & More
  9. Our Bodies - Inside & Out (Organs, Body Parts, Skeletal System)
  10. Space In a Box [Lesser-known Facts Edition]
  11. Dinos - From Flesh to Bones (Collector's Edition)
  12. Tickle My Brain - Logic & Brain Workout
  13. Maths - Possibilities Aplenty! (Numeracy Learning Set)
Please note that your taster pack will include 1-2 learning cards from our current learning themes and you will receive them in our signature magnetic storage/gift box.
Hope this gives you a chance to touch and feel the high quality and high learning value in our resources and also to decide which themes the kids love the most for their complete sets in the future from our range.