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Countries, Cities, Flags, Borders & More (40+ Popular Countries of the World Set)

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A compact collection of 40+ popular countries of the world from all continents on our planet including transcontinental countries. Identify and match country flags with country maps and learn practical useful information for each country.

From sorting and matching games to quizzes to family games, to taking a deep dive into learning about flags, continents, capital cities, languages & more - learning geography is going to be more fun than ever!

Each country has a dedicated learning card - the front features its map and the reverse features its flag and practical information about that country.

Start off by matching the country flag with the country borders; then move on to identifying the flags and borders by countries.

As you enjoy making progress, learn more about the country from the information provided on the back of the card. Which continent is it in? Which is its largest city? Which is its capital city? What are the natives called? Which currency is used in that country? What are the country’s official languages?

This compact yet comprehensive set features the flags, maps and useful info on capital cities, currencies, languages spoken and more for a number of popular countries from each of the continents.

At a glance:

  • Over 40 popular countries from all continents – Europe, Asia, Africa, N. America, S. America, Australia. Includes Transcontinental countries.
  • Match country flags with country maps
  • Identify countries by their flags & borders
  • Learn capital cities, official languages, currencies & more for each country
  • Bite-sized pieces of information for easy grasping and long-lasting retention of information & knowledge
  • Enjoy family game-time learning geography together
  • Helps children extend their locational knowledge and deepen their spatial awareness of the world's countries focusing on the maps and borders/shapes of the countries of the world, including key information on continents, capital cities, languages, currencies and more!

For a complete collection of ALL countries flags and maps of the world, please visit the listing 'Countries, Cities, Flags, Borders & More (All Countries of the World)' 

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We have tried our very best to support our UK economy in our own small capacity and have remained entirely & proudly Made in the UK from day 1.

UKCA/CE safety tested.

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Giving Back

We support the international Children's Education Charity, Room to Read in their education and gender equality programs. For every Teddo Play Learning Set we sell, we get a local language book produced for a Room to Read library for children from low-income communities across 20 nations. Find out more here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Amazing learning resources!

This product arrived quickly and I was blown away by the amazing quality of these resources. They come in a tidy box and have so many interesting facts on them. My daughter loves playing with them, grouping them into continents and matching the countries on her world map. I can’t wait to purchase some more sets!

Claire Rhodes
Amazing resource

I bought the flags and countries pack for my geography loving 4 year old. He is able to recognise most of the worlds flags but these cards also give him key information about the country. He is loving learning the capital cities for each of the countries. The cards are a perfect size for little hands and more importantly made from a very sturdy card.

Jess Law
Brilliant educational FUN!!!

I recently purchased the Flags & Countries Teddo Cards for my 10 and 7 year old boys! Wow! They are amazing!

Fantastic quality, brilliantly designed with great facts on the back.

We’ve had so much playing with them; grouping them by continent, currency, flag colours etc.

I’ll definitely be purchasing some more themes from Teddo! Thank you

Emma Weekes
Can’t recommend highly enough

When I first saw the Teddo Countries & Flags cards I was immediately intrigued, I’d never seen another resource like them so I took the plunge, and I’m so glad I did!

The information on the cards is perfect, you have the flag on the country on the front of the card, and then the name of the country on the back with additional information such as the continent, capital city, language and currency. My little boy is 3 and is already confident with naming numerous flags from around the world.

The cards themselves are sturdy and a great size for little hands. I love that the cards are not just giving my little boy years of learning, but that I’m also learning, it’s such a great experience to learn alongside your child, it adds that extra element of dedication, anticipation and fun for both of us! I can’t recommend these cards highly enough!

Leeanne Lowe
Wonderful product as always

This is our fourth purchase of these learning cards. My children love using these cards together; my older boys supporting my youngest, four to learn the terms. My little loves activities that he can run and collect the cards, or taking from one parent to the other and explaining the terms! Beautifully made, and extremely sturdy, they are a staple in our creative play area!

The service I have had from Teddo is second to none and will absolutely be purchasing again!

Thank you Teddo!