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With our wide and growing selection of themes, you will always have plenty of opportunities to combine two or more boxes of learning cards for playing a variety of very engaging games and taking learning at home or school at a whole new level.


  • Get children to separate the birds of prey from other birds or fruit and vegetables that grow on trees from those that grow on plants and bushes.

  • Encourage them to identify and sort animals, birds, insects, reptiles, amphibians, etc. in different stacks.

  • Get them to arrange the internal organs of our bodies in the correct order from top to bottom.

  • Match country flags with country borders and learn to differentiate between a circle and a sphere or a cube and a cuboid.

  • Make it challenging as they learn and grow with their learning cards.

  • Play rapid-fire games jumbling and spreading an array of cards on the floor asking them to quickly find the object you call out and share one quick fact about it.


A real conversation starter, use cards from multiple themes to play some super exciting family games - they are sure to keep everyone entertained and leave them all feeling like a genius after they discover the lesser-known facts about the world around us.


Adhesive magnets make it easy to use cards on magnetic whiteboards or any magnetic surface. Education at home, pre-schools, schools, class, nursery, in any setting becomes a fun and engaging experience.


The possibilities are endless!


You also receive a FREE 30-page How-To Guide which will serve as a valuable reference point and is packed with a plethora of play-and-learn ideas and suggestions by themes to help you make the most of all your Teddö Play® Learning Cards.

We guarantee you’ll be in complete love and awe of your Teddö Play® Learning Cards!


All orders dispatched the following working day so you can hold your treasure box of knowledge in no time and get started in your never-ending journey of intellectual growth and progress.


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Hope you enjoy your cards and add tons of value and knowledge inside curious minds :)

Knowledge At Your Doorstep
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