How to help children get rid of the dummy?

Updated: Apr 15

So you want to help your little one give up their dummy. You probably aren’t looking forward to it and maybe your little one won’t be too keen either, as many kids use these for comfort.

We don't have any personal experience to share on this subject as we never felt the need to resort to a dummy with our little one but we thought we'd introduce you to this amazing little company who promises magical solutions to all your dummy-weaning issues and concerns.

My good friend Lisa Bonner runs Fairies Away - The Portal to Fairyland.

Lisa is a mother of 3 daughters and is based just outside Southampton in the UK. It all began with Lisa’s eldest daughter India, who was a huge dummy addict from birth. This was never a big problem until the time came when the dummy needed to be lost for good. India was approaching 4 years of age and although she only had a dummy at bed time, getting rid of the dummy seemed to be a huge hurdle that neither Lisa nor India quite knew how to overcome.

Indy was a strong-willed little girl and Lisa was keen to find a way to get through this milestone in the kindest and most compassionate way she could, after all, this had been a life-long habit for India and by now a crutch, that they had both depended on through a house move from Spain to the UK, a new baby sister (who cried solidly for 2 years) and a Daddy that worked away a lot. It was an intimidating prospect for both of them.

Lisa recalls, "one evening after talking about the Dummy Fairies, India had lots of questions that I didn’t quite have any answers to, so I sat down and wrote The Story of the Dummy Fairies, to try and explain to her what was going to happen and why it needed to happen."

India was totally onboard with the story straight away and it made the leap to being finally dummy-free through what was a completely painless and pleasant experience for everyone!

Lisa was amazed and after giving her book (a very crude book at this point) to a few friends who were also struggling but seeing amazing results, she was convinced that this could be a valuable parenting tool for many.

We ask Lisa how was Fairies Away born and she joyfully recalls, "I met Dan Wolfe, this fabulous illustrator and graphic designer, when I was working as a marketing manager after the birth of my third daughter in 2015. I left the position a year later but asked Dan if he would like to collaborate on a little project I had been thinking of. Dan was mad enough to say yes and there you go Fairies Away was born!"

With the rise of self publishing and the wealth of amazing independent businesses around, Lisa and Dan were able to create a whole Dummy Fairy Package, from a fully illustrated A5 book (with colouring pages), to the wooden dummy fairy door, a dummy bag, so many personalised elements and of course the bio-glitter fairy dust.

Fairies Away has been in business for over two years now and alongside the Dummy Fairy Package, Lisa has developed an amazing Explorer Pack, jam packed with activities to get the kids out and enjoying the nature that’s right on their doorstep! There is plenty more to come from this little company who promise magical solutions to parenting problems, so keep your eyes peeled for Fairies and follow their journey on their social channels!





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