Knowledge has a beginning but no end...Let the beginning be with us!

Early childhood education has numerous advantages, and when children learn through play, it encourages them to explore, show interest in new things, be creative and imaginative and develop essential skills for life.

At Teddö Play®, we are very passionate about all things learning and education in a playful environment that gives children the time and space to absorb new information all while having a great time, making them naturally wanting to learn.

Our brain-stimulating learning cards are a fun way of introducing a variety of concepts to children and also encouraging them to use the appropriate words for the things they see.

For example: It’s not always a “birdie” that you spot. It could be a “magpie” walking in your garden or a “robin” perched on your fence or a “scarlet ibis” or a “toucan” that you saw up-close in a zoo.

Our range of Play-and-Learn Cards are suitable for children of all ages - from as young as infants & toddlers to pre-schoolers all the way to pre-teens and beyond!

We have designed all Teddö Play Learning Cards such that you can start using them with children from as early as 3 years old (or sooner!) and carry on using them until they are much older to be able to read and understand the information on their own. They are super sturdy, nearly 10 times thicker than the ordinary flash cards on the market, and also generously sized at a 9 cm square - you are sure to get numerous lessons out of each and every set!

We have packed all our cards with such useful information that even adults are sure to learn something new with us :) You will also enjoy using our play-and-learn cards for family games and get tons of laughter, giggles, knowledge and of course happy family memories.

As a highly ambitious and hands-on Mum and Teacher, developing the Teddö Play Learning Cards has been my small attempt at making learning a whole lot more interactive & enjoyable for all children.

Did you know that introducing your child to real-life images is very important for their cognitive development and for building a robust visual memory for them? Cartoonised images may be fun to look at and in all honesty, we, as adults, find them cute, not children. Showing cartoon images to children only confuses them and worst of all makes them doubt their own learning when they come face-to-face with the actual version of it in real life - be it animals, birds, insects, cars and trucks, things around the house or even people!

We have therefore made sure that our learning cards feature real-life images in natural surroundings. The front of the card has an incredibly sharp real-life high-definition image of the animal, bird, insect, fruit, vegetables, etc. in their natural surroundings, or a detailed and colourful illustration of various scientific and geographical concepts.

It has no other distraction, just purely the image to give the child the time and focus to observe all the beautiful natural details and stimulate various parts of his/her brain while being truly amazed by the sheer detailing in the picture. High-quality edge-to-edge printing on each of our cards ensures all images are sharp, crisp and clear.

From learning names and spellings to astonishing facts about the nature and the world around us, the text on the back of every card is cleverly formatted for enhanced grasping and retention of knowledge and information.

We will be adding new themes on a regular basis. Our current collection includes the following themes:

We hope you will enjoy your new Teddö Play® Learning Cards and make the most of each one of them. You will also receive a FREE 30-page How-To Guide which will serve as a valuable reference point and give you plenty of ideas and suggestions to get you and your child started on this fun and interactive learning journey with us!

We'd love to welcome you into our growing family at Teddö Play® and offer you an introductory 10% off on any box of learning cards your choice! We also give away a box of Teddö Play® Learning Cards of your choice for FREE every month - visit our website for more details.

Happy Learning!

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