A gigantic collection of 200+ learning cards covering all countries of the world from all continents on our planet. Identify and match country flags with country maps and learn useful information for each country.


From sorting and matching games to quizzes to family games, to taking a deep dive into learning about flags, continents, capital cities, languages & more - learning geography is going to be more fun than ever!


Each country has a dedicated learning card - the front features its map and the reverse features its flag and important information about that country.


Start off by matching the country flag with the country borders; then move on to identifying the flags and borders by countries.


As you enjoy making progress, learn more about the country from the information provided on the back of the card. Which continent is it in? Which is its largest city? Which is its capital city? What are the natives called? Which currency is used in that country? What are the country’s official languages?


This giant set is divided by continents:

  • EUROPE (incl. countries that are partly in Europe & partly in Asia): 51x Learning Cards
  • ASIA (incl. countries that are partly in Asia & partly in Europe): 49x Learning Cards
  • AFRICA: 54x Learning Cards
  • AMERICAS + AUSTRALIA: 49x Learning Cards



  • All countries of the world from all continents – Europe, Asia, Africa, N. America, S. America, Australia. Includes Eurasia and Oceania.
  • Match country flags with country maps
  • Identify countries by their flags & borders
  • Learn capital cities, official languages, currencies & more for each country
  • Bite-sized pieces of information for easy grasping and long-lasting retention of information & knowledge
  • Enjoy family game-time learning geography together
  • Helps children extend their locational knowledge and deepen their spatial awareness of the world's countries focusing on the maps and borders/shapes of the countries of the world, including key information on continents, capital cities, languages, currencies and more!



Please choose which continents you'd like from the dropdown. Why not save £30 and get the entire collection covering all countries of the world?


  • EUROPE (incl. countries that are partly in Europe & partly in Asia) (51x Learning Cards): £30
  • ASIA (incl. countries that are partly in Asia & partly in Europe) (49x Learning Cards): £30
  • AFRICA (54x Learning Cards): £30
  • AMERICAS + AUSTRALIA (49x Learning Cards): £30
  • Bundle of all 4 Sets  = £90 (individually £120, Save £30)

Countries, Cities, Flags, Borders & More

  • We are very proud to say that all of our products including every single element from the designing and making of the product itself to the packaging boxes, information booklets, stickers, labels, mailers – from start to finish – are all made right here in the UK :)

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