Learn shapes like never before! With 34 2D and 3D shapes in your box, you’ll always have more than the usual circle, square, triangle, rectangle to talk about.


We have illustrated all shapes in the same colour to allow children to focus on learning the shape and not get too overwhelmed by the changing colours, which is generally the case with other resources that you find for teaching shapes to children.


Each card has a clear and generously sized drawing of the shape on one side and the name and an easy-to-follow description on the other.


Use your Teddö Play® Learning Cards to send children on shape hunts to find things from around the house to match with the shapes on the cards.



  • Learn shapes like never before! With thirty-four 2D and 3D shapes in your box, you’ll always have more than the usual circle, square, triangle, rectangle to talk about
  • All shapes illustrated in the same colour to make sure children don't get overwhelmed by the changing colours
  • Large illustrations with no text distractions
  • Reverse of the card has an easy-to-follow description of the shape on the front
  • Helps children identify and organise visual information and recognise distinctive traits
  • Send kids on a shape hunt to find things that match the shape on the card
  • Observe together the structure of the shape, count the sides, count the corners, run your fingers along the edges of the shape - all of this helps the form of the shape to sink into your child's mind

More Than Just Shapes!

Gift Wrap / Adhesive Magnets
  • We are very proud to say that all of our products including every single element from the designing and making of the product itself to the packaging boxes, information booklets, stickers, labels, mailers – from start to finish – are all made right here in the UK :)

  • FREE Magnetic Card Storage Box

    Your set of Teddö Play® Learning Cards comes handpacked in a fun and very sturdy magnetic shut-close box.

    FREE How-To Guide

    Every order also receives a free 30-page How-To guide which is a wire-bound booklet full of ideas and suggestions helping you make the most of your Teddö Play® Learning Cards.

    Adhesive Magnets

    If you have ordered adhesive magnets to use the cards on magnetic surfaces like magnetic whiteboards or even your fridge, a set of 40 adhesive magnets will be included in your package.


    If you have added the gift-wrapping option to your order, your items will be sent gift-wrapped without any price receipts.

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