This very informative set of 40 fruit and vegetables on trees, bushes, plants, vines (you name it!) is a fantastic resource to introduce your child to how and where the food we eat grows.


The front of the card has the food in its natural state and surroundings depending on where it grows – on a tree, on a vine on the ground, on a tall shrub, on a bush, on a plant and so on.


The back of the card tells you what you see in the image on the front, where it grows and also some interesting lesser-known facts about it.


Learn to sort vegetables and fruit in different stacks (you’ll be amazed at how many items end up in the fruit pile which you would have sworn was a vegetable!)


Use the cards to play matching games with real fruit and veg from your grocery shopping!


All our Teddö Play® Learning Cards double as educational playing cardsUse the cards to play with friends and family. See how many people get the answers right and how amazed everyone gets when you read out loud some of the mind-blowing facts about various fruit and vegetables!



  • Introduce children to how and where the food we eat grows through our very informative set of 40 different fruit and vegetables in their natural state of growth and surroundings
  • Learn to identify, match, sort and categorise different fruit and vegetables
  • Learn all about where our food grows - on trees, bushes, plants, on vines, on tall shrubs, beneath the ground or on vines on the ground!
  • Achieve tons of activities and lessons from every set be it at home, at school or when out and about
  • Helps promote reading and instil a natural enthusiasm for learning in children
  • Explore interesting lesser-known facts about various fruit and vegetables from the back of the card and encourage healthy eating habits


Where Our Food Grows?

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  • We are very proud to say that all of our products including every single element from the designing and making of the product itself to the packaging boxes, information booklets, stickers, labels, mailers – from start to finish – are all made right here in the UK :)

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