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Adhesive Magnets (Set of 40 peel-and-stick magnets)

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Super strong peel and stick adhesive magnets to stick your Teddö Play cards quickly and firmly onto whiteboards or any magnetic surface, even your fridge.

Use magnets on both sides and you don’t even need a magnetic board! Enjoy watching children take deep dives into specific topics from their Teddo Play Learning Sets as they explore the cards affixed on their blackboards in further detail, thanks to our strong peel-and-stick adhesive magnets.

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Q. How big are the adhesive magnets?

A. Our adhesive magnets are a generous 20mm in diameter to keep your Teddö Play® Learning Cards nicely affixed on magnetic whiteboards or any other magnetic surface.

Q. How many adhesive magnets are there in a pack?

A. We offer adhesive magnets in sets of 40 so you have one magnet per learning card. This is to enable you to use your learning cards in a more visual learning setting on magentic boards and/or magnetic surfaces.

Q. How can I use the adhesive magnets?

A. Our super strong peel-and-stick adhesive magnets are very easy to use. Simply peel off the magnet from its backing and stick it on to the back or front of your Teddö Play® Learning Card depending on the side of the card you wish to use (image or text) for your learning session at home or school or any other place. Your learning card can now be easily used on any magetic surface for an interactive play-and-learn time with your child.

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