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4-in-1 Life Cycles Portable Educational Poster Board (Large: 30x30cm)

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Life-cycles Portable Poster Boards

A very useful aid to help children understand where beings come from. Who lays eggs, who gives birth to a young one, what's the growth journey and so on.

We didn't want posters to just sit pretty on the wall so we introduced a series of Portable Poster Boards that are light for children to handle but sturdy so they don't tear or get ruined in play. Children will learn a number of concepts and enjoy looking closely at all the detailed illustrations on these large portable poster boards sized at a generous 30cm x 30cm square.

With a clear focus and a lot of educational value in each, these are perfect for children young and old.

They can be carried out and about, put up on the walls with some simple double-sided tape or velcro dots or be placed nicely on children's bedside tables. 

We hope you will love seeing them in your home as much as we have loved making them.

Customer Reviews

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Crystal Naude
Love this board!

We love this educational board! Especially for our set ups for home education.

Helen Lainsbury
Life cycles

This is a fabulous resource to support learning through play, especially during spring time (life cycles). It's very strong and sturdy, great for taking outdoors as well as indoors. It sparks lots of curiosity, discussions and offers lots of learning opportunities.

Jess Perry
Teddo Play Portable Poster Board - Amazing!!

We currently have the Life Cycles & Dinosaur poster boards & they are fabulous. So much bigger than I expected & super sturdy. Glossy & engaging, they are another winner with my boys!! These will be a perfect addition to our play & learning set ups!!