Knowledge has a beginning but no end…
Let the beginning be with us! 
Specially designed open-ended multi-activity play and learn cards for a playful yet immersive learning experience!


Text and information

at the back of the card

From learning names and spellings to astonishing facts about our world - the text on the back of every card is cleverly formatted for enhanced grasping and retention of knowledge and information.

Intelligently engineered cards 

Nearly 10 times thicker than the ordinary flashcards 

on the market.

Great experience holding sturdy cards which are durable for

long-term repeated use.

Smooth edges

& edge-to-edge printing

All images are large enough to cover the entire card which help put the focus on all the contents inside the card, thereby enabling the child to get the most knowledge and value from every card.

Each card is generously sized at a 9cm square (or even bigger for certain themes) for a fantastic learning and playing experience.

Play with Friends & Family

Cards double as educational playing cards making game-time with friends and family even more exciting!

Tedddö Play Learning Cards grow with children. The versatility in each set will enable you to use them alongside children and siblings of different ages!


Superior wipe-clean gloss surface keeps the cards and the magnetic storage box clean and free from dust particles

Free Premium Magnetic Storage Box

No more losing the cards or finding one under the bed and another in dad’s coat!

Sturdy magnetic box to keep all your cards neatly stacked and all in one place, making them easy to carry along wherever you go.

Complete experience

What a joy to hold something that doesn’t feel flimsy!

Super durable learning cards that will help you get many lessons out of each and every set.

Suitable for children of all ages


From as young as infants & toddlers to pre-schoolers all the way to pre-teens and beyond! Our cards are packed with such useful information that even adults are sure to learn something new with us :)

No distraction - Not your ordinary flashcards

The front of the cards has no other distraction, just purely the image to give the child the time and focus to observe all the beautiful natural details and stimulate various parts of his/her brain while being truly amazed by the sheer detailing in the picture.

High-definition printing on each of our cards ensures all images are sharp, crisp and clear for maximum focus and attention.

Can be used on magnetic whiteboards

at home and in school

Super strong peel and stick adhesive magnets to stick the cards quickly and firmly onto whiteboards or any magnetic surface.


Use magnets on both sides and you don’t even need a magnetic board!

Real-life imagery in natural surroundings

No more funny coloured misleading cartoons that poorly affect the child’s visual memory.

Research says that as much as 80% percent of all learning takes place through the eye with visual memory existing as a crucial aspect of learning.

Fuel your child’s curiosity to learn more about the main object and also its surroundings through real-life images which help build a robust long-term visual memory, help them recognise things in the real world and is also a real conversation builder!

Free How-To Guide

There’s so much to learn in every single card.

Our how-to guide is a valuable reference point and is packed with intelligent play-and-learn ideas and suggestions of games you can play using your Teddö Play® Learning Cards in a variety of settings - home, school, classroom, cars, trains, picnics, travel, holiday, flights - helping replace screen time with fun-packed learning.

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